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Wealth Management

Wealth Management with PLEION (MONACO) SAM

“A competent team of professionals driven by rigorous ethics and a commitment to transparency”

The investment team at PLEION (MONACO) SAM understands the client’s requirements and develops customised solutions to meet them. Our team aims to achieve performances corresponding to the objectives and comply with the defined risk / return profile.

PLEION (MONACO) SAM relies on a structured investment process that has proven its worth over time.

By entrusting us with the management of their assets, clients can delegate the delicate and challenging task of systematically analysing key economic and market factors to specialists who can identify trends, go beyond short-term fluctuations and make the most appropriate investments for their objectives.

However, our activity does not limit itself to the delegation of management. It extends to investment advice, account supervision, and support in your banking procedures. It therefore meets all the customer’s requirements, from the simplest to the most complex, thanks to a comprehensive set of services.


Our management philosophy

1. Independence

  • 100% open architecture
  • Rigorous selection of the best fund managers on the market through a multi-management approach
  • Selection of securities on all asset classes (equities, bonds, etc.)
  • No restrictions on company size nor fund size; performance quality is the main driver


2. Flexibility / Dynamism

  • Active animation/proposal as part of a dynamic management framework
  • Tools adapted to an opportunistic management
  • Liquidity allows the repurchase of portfolio at any time


3. Expertise

  • Combination of strong experience in the fields of banking and wealth management through a team of international advisors (Africa, Pacific, Europe, Russia, etc.)
  • Two market specialists manage our clients’ portfolio, with the expertise of our financial partners (custodian banks, external brokers and fund management companies)
  • Investment committee, brought together with the teams of the PLEION Group, which has an international presence and recognised expertise with nearly 40 years of existence


4. Transparency

  • Favouring the use of institutional shares for funds or ETFs for directional management
  • Optimisation of fees with custodian banks (e.g. “all in” for discretionary management)


5. Authorisation

PLEION (Monaco) SAM is licenced by the Financial Activities Supervisory Commission (CCAF). This licence authorises us to carry out financial activities as mentioned in numbers 1, 3, 4.1, 4.3 and 6 of Article 1 of law 1.338 of 7 September 2007.

Please click here to view the list of entities and funds authorised by the CCAF.


Our Investment Team

Your preferred intermediary, PLEION (MONACO) SAM, with its experience in wealth management for private clients, relies on the investment expertise of its team of specialists, backed by those of PLEION Group, a major player in wealth management at the international level.

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