PLEION (MONACO) SAM - Gestion De Fortune

Our Added Value


Banking relationship through the intermediary of PLEION (Monaco) SAM: Client > PLEION (MONACO) SAM > Bank

  • We analyse your situation and suggest a selection of banks adapted to your requirements
  • We transparently negotiate the fees for you (simple model without any surprises)
  • We provide you with a personalised and a consolidated, “tailor-made” management
  • Our 100% open architecture (broad and unrestricted financial investment universe)
  • Access to real banking diversification (jurisdictions, financial support, etc.)
  • You benefit from an administrative and deontological centralisation (only one contact person)
  • Enhanced risk control (dual analysis between the Custodian Banks and the Management Company subject to the same prudential rules and regulators)


Our clients, our only focus

Our strategy - PLEION (Monaco) SAM - Our clients, our only focus