PLEION (MONACO) SAM - Gestion De Fortune

Our History



1980 – Creation of Plurigestion SA
Pioneers in the industry, the founders were able to stand firm as banks began to standardise wealth management activities.

2002 – New Direction
Three executives of a private bank take over the management of the company. Over the years, Plurigestion SA has diversified its activities, meeting the growing needs of its customers

2005 – Opening of our office in Sion

2010 – Development, in partnership with BDI SA, of a Portfolio Management System dedicated to the profession of independent manager

2012 – Opening of our office in Nyon

2017 – Arrival of Patrick Héritier as CEO

2018 – Plurigestion SA changes name and becomes PLEION SA

2018 – Authorisation from the Monegasque Authorities

2019 – Opening of our offices in Bern, Monaco and Zurich

2019Launch of PLEION (MONACO) SAM